Center City Public Charter Schools (“Center City”) was founded nine years ago as a family of PreK-8th grade schools with a mission to empower its students for lifelong success by building strong character, promoting academic excellence, and generating public service in neighborhoods throughout Washington, DC.

Ruins-3 (2)Today, with help from wonderful friends like you, we are an emerging charter school network with six campuses serving more than 1,400 students. In fact this year, three of the six Center City campuses, serving some of the District’s poorest neighborhoods, earned Tier 1 status, the Public Charter School Board’s highest school performance ranking. Moreover, on the statewide assessment our students showed more improvement between 2015 and 2016 than the majority of DC students. Today we are writing to ask for your support, so we can continue to provide our students with meaningful and enriching learning experiences that expand their knowledge and increase their achievement.

An important part of making instruction meaningful is providing our students with enriching learning experiences outside of the school day. Center City campuses provide students with arts enrichment activities, foreign trips, experiences with nature, and hands-on activities that expose our students to new ideas, build their background knowledge, and deepen their learning.

For example, our Brightwood, Congress Heights, and Trinidad campuses have begun providing instrumental music lessons and opportunities for students to participate in a band or drum corps. Our Brightwood, Capitol Hill, Petworth, Shaw and Trinidad campuses offer dance classes or clubs and our Congress Heights and Capitol Hill campuses offer drama classes. The Brightwood Campus has launched an annual spring musical and talent show. The Brightwood, Capitol Hill, and Trinidad campuses all take students on an overnight camping trip, a new experience for many of our students.

Another enriching learning experience for our students is the Global Ambassadors program, launched four years ago at the Shaw campus and this year at the Capitol Hill campus. Global Ambassadors is a year-long program through which students learn global studies, examine a global issue, and then develop and execute a service-learning project in the country they study. This year, students are studying the concept of biodiversity and will travel to Hawaii during spring break to participate in several service-learning opportunities, including volunteering at the Honolulu Zoo.

These programs are not possible without the support of friends like you. As a public charter school, we receive state and local funding for daily operations, but it takes additional funding to bring enriching programs like these to our students. This year we will spend about $100,000 on Global Ambassadors and additional enrichment supplies and opportunities, including musical instruments, foreign-service trips, local field trips and art supplies. Please support Center City PCS today with a generous monetary gift to help us continue this mission critical work.

If you would like to support Center City, please donate here:

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We are sincerely grateful for any contribution in support of these deserving young people.

Russ E Williams, Jr.
President & CEO

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